ATX Somms

Our Mission

ATX Somms is a public service organization committed to education and mentorship for beverage industry professionals in Austin, Texas. This group connects the community to resources, events, & opportunities and is inclusive of all passionate professionals seeking knowledge.


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Date/Time: 8/26/2019
11am – 1pm

Master Class Beer With
St Elmo Brewing

  • Location:
    440 E St Elmo Rd G-2 Austin, TX 78745

Wine & Culinary Education Program

Deadline: 08/30/2019

The Wine & Food Foundation of Texas has $10,000 in grants for travel and testing for industry professionals.

Women’s & Culinary Education Program

Deadline: 08/29/2019

The Austin chapter of Les Dames has grants for women currently enrolled in culinary school & professionals pursuing advanced certifications.